2015 Corporate Responsibility report > Social Resilience

Industrial organizations and businesses

In order to lead, learn and advance economic, environmental and social aspects, Nesher has become an active member of voluntary local and international organizations. Some are industrial research organizations while others promote various social and environmental goals.


ECRA – European Cement
Research Academy

The pan-European forum of the German cement industry (VDZ), for the purpose of information, research and training in cement related fields. For more information, please visit the ECRA website

WEC – World Energy

An international organization engaged in minimizing utilization of fossil and electrical energy, for the purpose of conservation of energy sources. For more information,please visit the world energy website

WBCSD – World Business
Council for SustainableDevelopment

A global organization concerned primarily with utilizing business leadership as a catalyst for promoting sustainable development, ecological efficiency, innovation, and social responsibility in business. For more information,please visit the wbcsd website

* Valid end 2015

CSI – Cement
Sustainability Initiative

A WBCSD initiative, including the 23 major cement manufacturers worldwide, with operations in more than 100 countries, who believe that sustainable development is an integral part of the cement industry’s business activities. For more information,please visit the wbcsdcement website

* Valid end 2015

ICC – International
Chamber of Commerce

An international organization for businesses with a wide scope of activities, aimed at promoting international trade. For more information, please visit the iccwbo.org website

Manufacturers Association of Israel

Israel’s representative organization for all industrial sectors: private, public, kibbutz and governmental. For more information,please visit the Manufacturers Association of Israel website


A professional umbrella organization of businesses that generate change in the realm of corporate responsibility. The organization is based on the premise that managing corporate social responsibility holds a financial business value for corporations. The organization was established in 1998 and is part of an international network of business organizations that promote social responsibility. For more information,please visit the Maala website

The Israel Green
Building Council

Established in 2007 as a non-profit organization, with members from the business sector, government agencies and academic institutions, as well as leading professional, social and environmental organizations. The Council’s objective is to bring about sustainable green building in Israel for the benefit of future generations, through the joint efforts of all interested parties, by leading a true, fundamental change in the Israeli building and development market. Nesher's representative is a member of the Council's management committee. For more information, please visit the The Israel Green Building Council website

Voluntary reporting mechanism for reporting and reducing greenhouse emissions

The mechanism is the initiative of the Ministry of Environmental Protection. Companies and organizations using this mechanism are partners in shaping the national policy for coping with climate change. The calculation and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions helps the organization to identify potential for greater energy efficiency and resource saving, and also earns them public recognition for their efforts. This mechanism is an accepted tool for reporting greenhouse gas emissions, used by organizations and companies in numerous countries across the globe. Further information can be found on the Ministry of Environmental Protection website


Nesher is part of the EU's Horizon2020 research project aimed at reducing the emission of greenhouse gases by using an advanced biotechnological process. This is an additional dimension in Nesher's attempts to be in the scientific and technological forefront in the battle to prevent climate change. Further information can be found on the BIOCON-CO2 website